3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Red Square WP site

  1. Very sad to hear about Dave. I was at NLP with him, with Andy Ochocki – who was part of Sandy & the Wheelchairs! I remember a gig in the poly bar which ended up in a brawl. Good times! Kate Crampton (now Pannett) All the best to you in Southend.


    1. Hello Kate! How nice to hear from you. It’s Jon here. I was taking History at NLP and played sax (though not with the Wheelchairs). I remember both you and Andy (and, was it Jeff, who played bass…(?)). It was a terrible, lasting, shock that Dave died in the manner he did. I, for one, still think about him a lot.
      Coincidentally, you’re in a similar line to my wife Bobbie. If you search for ‘Bobbie Seagroatt’ online, you will come up with her website / blogs etc.




      1. Hi Jon – great to hear from you. Yes it was Jeff (Power) from Liverpool. I too think of Dave often, and have done over the years, so very clever and such a nice bloke – and the rest of that group, I wonder where they all are? I suppose they were formative years, especially looking back over the several decades! My kids think the 80’s are an extremely long time ago – seems like yesterday to me. And Roger and his wife, in Finsbury Park? I don’t know how Dave died. But clearly far too young. Andy and I got married, had four children, then separated. Then he had two more! He lives in Kent now.
        I will definitely look at your wife’s blog.
        All the best


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