Welcome to the new Red Square WP site

Welcome to the new Red Square site, and thanks for visiting.

Please see the tabs above for all of your Red Square requisites!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the new Red Square WP site

  1. Very sad to hear about Dave. I was at NLP with him, with Andy Ochocki – who was part of Sandy & the Wheelchairs! I remember a gig in the poly bar which ended up in a brawl. Good times! Kate Crampton (now Pannett) All the best to you in Southend.


    1. Hello Kate! How nice to hear from you. It’s Jon here. I was taking History at NLP and played sax (though not with the Wheelchairs). I remember both you and Andy (and, was it Jeff, who played bass…(?)). It was a terrible, lasting, shock that Dave died in the manner he did. I, for one, still think about him a lot.
      Coincidentally, you’re in a similar line to my wife Bobbie. If you search for ‘Bobbie Seagroatt’ online, you will come up with her website / blogs etc.




      1. Hi Jon – great to hear from you. Yes it was Jeff (Power) from Liverpool. I too think of Dave often, and have done over the years, so very clever and such a nice bloke – and the rest of that group, I wonder where they all are? I suppose they were formative years, especially looking back over the several decades! My kids think the 80’s are an extremely long time ago – seems like yesterday to me. And Roger and his wife, in Finsbury Park? I don’t know how Dave died. But clearly far too young. Andy and I got married, had four children, then separated. Then he had two more! He lives in Kent now.
        I will definitely look at your wife’s blog.
        All the best


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