A small – yet perfectly formed – selection of Red Square videos, including a solo guitar tribute to Captain Beefheart by the Axeman Staples.

There are numerous other Red Square moving picture reels dotted around YouTube -in amongst the May Day parades in Moscow…….

The natty promo video for Guerssen’s 2016 release of ‘Rare & Lost 70s Recordings’:

Here’s a 2 minute sliver of Red Square’s 2011 set at the Tinderbox Festival. Due to timing over-runs, we had to cut our set down to twenty minutes, so a lean, spare instrumentation was the order of the day; no electronica, no bass clarinet, no flute. Just guitar, soprano sax and drums.


Just like the old days………

Film and visual manipulations by Colin Harrison.

Caught like rabbits in the headlights…….that’s the audience, of course, not us. The GREAT SQUARIONS live at Klub Kakofanney, Oxford, 6th November 2009….

Uh huh, we are the Manfreds. Only we’re not. Though we could be, if we weren’t already somebody else. Thus do the GREAT SQUARIONS find themselves one again afloat in the You Tube ether, this time courtesy of the ever-vigilant mobile phone camera of quercusrobur2002, a mighty oak amongst the quailing saplings.

The audio was captured by Luca Lamberti, the excellent FoH sound engineer at the Vortex, to whom, many thanks. The track is on our album ‘UnReason: Red Square live at the Vortex’.

It’s a big, boisterous, exciting world out there; a little CD could soon get lost amongst the myriad creatures……….

A short improvised tribute to Captain Beefheart by the Axeman Staples.

A virulent, mongrel-blues strain of Trout Mask-inspired DNA courses through the body politick of Red Square, courtesy of the Axeman Staples, and the Replica remains, to this day, his favourite album.

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